I know u say u never look, pues ayi te va vieja

this is the first song we danced EVER! 8 years ago. lol




Im on the list of the most wanted,
everyone knows it worldwide,
the media compares me to Bin Laden,
Because i also count on my Taliban.

they describe me as #701 in the list of millionaires,
of influential rich people that carries bills,
but my wealth is the friendship of my people

they offer 10 small million
for my head and my comrade as well
in the united states, so they say
but not even that reward will help them

when you're poor, you suffer
but when you're on top, you suffer much more,
cuz it's a must to help your people,
and if you lose a son, you should never forget him

a toast to those who are not here,
also for my people who are present,
my comrade Mayo and i are ready for whatever,
Alfredo and Ivan who are also Guzmans'

there's no need to tell you my name,
It's already published in the magazine Forbes
its posted under The Most Wanted
and they're only asking for 5 million for me